Microwave Motion Sensors automation

What is Microwave Motion Sensor?
This Sensor Also Known As Presence Detector Sensor, Radar, RF Or Doppler Sensors. It Helps To Detect Walking, Running Or Crawling Human Targets In An Indoor Or Outdoor Environment. It Create Invisible Volumetric Detection Zone By Generating Electromagnetic Field Between Transmitter And Receiver, Any Changes To That Field Are Registered And It Gives Output By Alarm Ring.
Things before buying microwave motion detector
Before Buying Microwave Motion Sensor You Should Know Some Facts. As A Buyer You Have To Check Lot Of Factors While Purchasing Security Device. Below We Have Listed Some Guide About Purchase Of Microwave Motion Detector.
  • Good detector should have wide angle and broad range coverage so slightly little movements could be detected.
  • Detector should be extremely responsive.
  • Detector range should be adaptable.
  • Detector should be newest technology based.
Use of microwave motion sensor
These sensors are used in door or window opening for security reason.
These detectors are used in automatic car parking system for getting information regarding parking.
They are used in home or building for operating lighting system automatically.

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