With the holidays upon us, you’re more than likely going to be hosting plenty of family get-togethers and parties at your home.

But endless planning and hustling to get things ready can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed during the most joyous time of the year. So, how can you ensure you create the perfect festive environment at your house without any of the hassles?

A top-notch home automation system can make you feel jolly about this season once again by making hosting any event a breeze. Learn the various ways you can entertain guests and enjoy time with family and friends with an integrated home technology system.

Keep reading below to find out more.

Welcome Guests in a New Way

As your friends begin to arrive at your home for your holiday gathering, you can use home automation to show off your space and really optimize what your house has to offer. Setting up your landscape lighting ,elevation lighting and holiday lights to turn on as soon as the sun sets makes your home a bright spot on a potentially darkened and hard-to-see pathway.

Your home will stand out and have an added curb appeal from the elegant lighting. As the lights guide your guests to your house, they can also light up the sidewalk all the way to your front door through automated motion sensors – giving them a safe and secure walkway from their drop point to the inside of your home.

Once your guests have gotten up to your doorway, effortlessly welcome them to your home with smart lock technology. When guests arrive, you don’t even need to walk up to the door or lock each time someone new enters.

Have your surveillance cameras send you live footage to your smartphone each time your doorbell rings so you can see who’s there – then you can press a button to unlock and then relock your doors.

This will help you keep track of who is coming into your house at all times – and make the hustle and bustle all the more easy to manage.

Welcome them inside as your distributed audio system begins to play a holiday playlist that everyone can sing along to – with music flowing through speakers throughout your house. Before you even greet them at the door, they’ll all already be in the holiday spirit!

Audio Video Components

Even if you spend the whole evening talking and catching up with friends, having quality entertainment for your guests is essential. Utilizing streaming services like Spotify and youtube, your stored digital playlist or even your favorite holiday Playlistss from network drive or memory cards, you can play those holiday tunes in every room of your house, at various volumes depending on what the mood is of said space.

In-wall speakers mean you can play the music without it being seen, so you don’t need to worry about any guests throughout your house knocking over any audio equipment. And controlling your multi-room audio system is simple. From your smart device, you can easily control the volume and choose which song is playing by just pressing a button. It’s so effortless, you can allow any guest to make adjustments throughout the night.

As the evening goes on, everyone can move to your dedicated home theater or multi-purpose media room to show guests your 4K projector and immersive surround sound system. See a classic holiday film in a revolutionary format with your impressive audio video components that make up your entertainment system.

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Create Ambiance Over Dinner

When your party’s dinner is ready to be served, you can turn on your home’s intercom to let everyone know that they can make their way to the dining room. You won’t have to disturb the festive atmosphere by shouting over everyone and abruptly interrupting conversations.

As everyone takes a seat, press a button to dim the lights and lower your shades. Lower your holiday music as everyone collectively converses over your delicious meal. You’ll set the right mood and be able to make any changes throughout dinner by just pulling out your smart device.

Want to learn even more about what a home automation system can do for you during the holiday season?

Feel free to give us a call and take free consulation and survey for your home. We’d love to hear from you.

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