Home Automation on Party Nights

This Dec-31st, Impress your guests with a #newyear#party ambience in just one click in you #smarthome. Automate your lights to the colors you want, your music to your party set and the thermostat to the right temperature for the perfect party mood #homeautomation Elite Automation SolutionsHyderabad | Guntur040-23156745| +91-9949255660www.eautomation.in

Save up to 60% Electricity by Using Smart and Intelligent Sensor Device

SAVE ELECTRICITY WITH MOTION SENSORS Motion-Sensitive Light Switches Or Occupancy Sensors Are Quickly Growing In Popularity As They Help Users To Cut Down On Their Power Consumption. They Are Now Widely Used In Many Public And Corporate Buildings And Spaces. Motion-Sensitive Light Switches And Occupancy Sensors Help To Detect Presence And Absence Of People Within An Area

36W – BPL Aura – Slim Panel Light 2 x 2

36W 2×2 LED Light CW Specifications BIS for driver Yes LM 80 Yes Outer dimension 600*600*62mm Electrical Characteristics Input Power 36W±10% Input Voltage AC220V Input Current 0.18A Power Factor ≥0.9 THD% ≤20% Driver Efficiancy ≥88% Operating Voltage Range AC100-300V Operating Frequency 50/60Hz Current Leakage <10mA Working Temp. range -20~50°C Working Humidity range ≤65% Mechanical Characteristics