Amazon’s Alexa with Smart Home Hub

Amazon Alexa works with Smart Home Hub If you’re not one of the 3 million homes with an Amazon Echo in it, there’s a good chance you’re coveting one. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to tell a lovely woman named Alexa to add things to their shopping list, play a favorite song,

BPLIQ Home automation Products

BPL iQ AUTOMATION Devices BPL iQ Controller BPL IQ Controller is the brain of BPL IQ Intelligent Automation Solution. It is the system controller that integrates gateways to external networks including ZigBee (Sensor network), GSM (Mobile network), and Access-point (IP network). All triggers and alerts originating from the connected devices first reach the BPL IQ

36W – BPL Aura – Slim Panel Light 2 x 2

36W 2×2 LED Light CW Specifications BIS for driver Yes LM 80 Yes Outer dimension 600*600*62mm Electrical Characteristics Input Power 36W±10% Input Voltage AC220V Input Current 0.18A Power Factor ≥0.9 THD% ≤20% Driver Efficiancy ≥88% Operating Voltage Range AC100-300V Operating Frequency 50/60Hz Current Leakage <10mA Working Temp. range -20~50°C Working Humidity range ≤65% Mechanical Characteristics